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Topics for Sessions NIA 2023 Ojai

1. When is a grandfathered ingredient a grandfathered ingredient and when can FDA change their mind and decide it is under investigation as a new drug? NMN creates a storm of controversy.

2. FDA update:

    • Is CBD the red headed stepchild? FDA kicks it over to congress. What happens next?
    • What new regulatory developments can we expect in 2023 and beyond.
    • What about mandated product listing? Has FDA missed its opportunity?

3. Setting Psilocybin safety standards for Prince Harry and the rest of us.

4. How advances in our understanding of human microbiome modulation are changing the health and wellness category for consumers and for industry.

5. 2020-2021 was a boom for the industry while 2022 saw a contraction for most. What does the future hold?

    • MLMs are seeing price increases and supply chain challenges. What does their future hold?
    • The state of M & A in the supplement industry.

6. Are we seeing meaningful change in the industry when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion? How to find balance and increase employee retention, company morale and the bottom line.

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